Currently Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus is updating the membership of the FIAC, its Standing Committee and working groups. Forming the membership of two new working groups (a working group on provision with well-qualified personnel and a working group on optimization of rules, regulations and standards in construction) takes place as well. To join the FIAC, its standing Committee or working groups please contact Inna Pashkevich, Media relations specialist, Ernst & Young Belarus +375 17 209 45 35.

Government resolution No.732 on the FIAC was adopted on July 28, 2014. Two new working groups are created: a working group on provision with well-qualified personnel and a working group on optimization of rules, regulations and standards in construction. Secretariats of existing and new working groups are set. Ministry of economy of the Republic of Belarus is authorized to appoint a coordinator of work with foreign members of the FIAC.

Plenary Session of the Foreign Investment Advisory Council (FIAC) of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus will take place on 15 November 2012 in the National Library of Belarus in the framework of the VII Belarus Investment Forum.
Customarily, Plenary sessions are important milestones in FIAC activity whose aim is to sum up the results of the work of the Council and to determine the objectives and tasks for the next year.
The format of this year's meeting is the round-table discussion. According to the organizers, it is the most suitable form of the dialogue between the participants. Everyone will have the opportunity to share one’s views on improving the work with foreign investors, to offer the options to create comfortable conditions for business and increase the investment attractiveness of the country.
The access to the event is available to members of the FIAC and invited representatives of the business and diplomatic community only. Please register (http://investinbelarus.by/en/invest/forum/registration/) to participate and send registration form to the October 31, 2012 by e-mail: fiac@by.ey.com, or by fax: +375 017 209 - 4534.

Should you have questions about the FIAC Plenary Session, please contact FIAC coordinator on the part of foreign participants:

Ernst & Young LLC
Inna Pashkevich, Kirill Karabanov

Tel. +375 (17) 209 45 35
Fax: +375 (17) 209 4534
E-mail: fiac@by.ey.com

    Preliminary program of the Plenary FIAC

Within the FIAC activities, an enlarged meeting of Standing Committee under the FIAC took place on the 28th of June, 2012, in Minsk.
Among the members of the meeting there were 130 representatives of major companies with national and foreign capital as well as banking institutions functioning on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, bodies of state administration, ambassadorial bodies, mass media. Chairperson of standing committee vice-premier Sergey Rumas noted the interest of the Government of the Republic of Belarus in receiving investment activity stimulation offers from investors as well as offers concerning the effectiveness increase of investment recourses usage.
Representatives of the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Taxes and Dues, State Customs Committee, National Centre of Legislation and Legal Research of the Republic of Belarus informed national and foreign investors about the modifications in legislation which regulates investment and economic activity in Belarus, problems and perspectives of Belarusian economy development within the CES.
The format of the event provided the opportunity for all the participants to ask the speakers about the issues of concern.

The questions asked:
Draft law “On investments”
Free economic zones
Decree №10 (№4)
Chinese-Belarusian industrial park

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